The Graduates by Liz Ham – Manuscript 7

Manuscript 7 canvasses a crop of new Australian fashion faces

Sydney writer, author, publisher and now blogger, Mitchell Oakley Smith, recently joined the Fellt network in case you missed it.

Back in November 2011, Frockwriter profiled the launch edition of his quarterly menswear title Manuscript – a project undertaken with stylist Jolyon Mason, the title’s creative director and Oakley-Smith’s husband (they married in New York in June, with a kneesup this Friday for friends and the fam in Sydney).

A tribute to independent publishing – which ain’t easy, in either print or digital – great to see that Manuscript has not only survived, but thrived. The seventh edition is due out on Monday (here’s a list of stockists).

For the second year running, Manuscript has photographed the collections of five soon-to-graduate Australian fashion students.

Here is an exclusive preview of the 2013 graduates feature, photographed, appropriately enough, on a crop of new Australian modelling faces: from Priscilla’s, Zachary Grenenger (who we photographed last week at Priscilla’s boot camp), Nicolas Pestalozzi, Richard Hall and Saxon Dunworth and from London Management, Jack Gibbeson.

All highres supplied exclusively to Frockwriter by Manuscript.

Photographer: Liz Ham. Stylist: Jolyon Mason. Grooming: Max May. Hair: Jenny Kim

Credits (top to bottom):

  • Zachary Grenenger wears Evelyn Wong (UTS)
  • (L to R) Jack Gibbeson, Nicolas Pestalozzi, Richard Hall and Zachary Grenenger wear Evelyn Wong
  • Jacob Hankin wears Mia Zielinski (RMIT)
  • Saxon Dunworth wears Vladislav Kanevsky (RMIT)
  • Jack Gibbeson wears Vladislav Kanevsky
  • Saxon Dunworth wears Mia Zielinski
  • Richard Hall wears Mia Zielinski

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