Social media stars: David Jones Spring/Summer 2013/2014

Miranda Kerr was conspicuous by her absence at the DJs summer showcase. But people were so busy on social media backstage, they barely noticed.


And so to a new era for the David Jones fashion showcase – one that doesn’t include Miranda Kerr.

It did, however, include an enormous volume of social networking backstage, with not just production crew members and hangers-on constantly uploading images to Facebook, Instagram etc, but pretty much every model as well. Up to moments before show time.

Tracking these shows backstage, as Frockwriter has done for at least eight seasons now, it’s been interesting to see the dramatic rise of social media backstage, particularly over the last two seasons. Considering that there were backstage security bag checks for cameras back in 2008, when Kerr first joined the retailer, how things have changed.

See below for a social media fan tally of some of the key players at the show.

Kerr’s absence from the DJs runway wasn’t so noticeable last night per se.

The event drew in the VIPs and local media, as per usual. It was, as ever, a beautifully-produced, knockout show. The styling, hair & makeup were great (it took 40 minutes to one hour to do each towering beehive by the way). And the clothes looked good as well. We particularly liked the Scanlan & Theodore, Romance Was Born and Alex Perry sections and, notably, Camilla’s psychedelic finale.

The event also showcased a raft of top new antipodean modelling talent, from Kerr’s ‘Fashion Ambassador’ replacement Jessica Gomes, who has been on high rotation in Sports Illustrated in recent years; to Holly Rose Emery, Maddison Brown, April Tiplady and Gabby Westbrook-Patrick, all of whom have just returned from working internationally. Not to mention the ever-entertaining Stenmark twins, Zac and Jordan. Great to hear that many of these new faces are heading to the Spring/Summer 2014 show circuit, which kicks off in New York early next month.

One interesting newcomer caught our eye – Yunji Kang from London Management, a Melbourne-based Korean with an angelic face and a waist-length mane of hair.

The moment that you really grasped the fact that Kerr was not in the show, in fact, was on Thursday morning, when you did a Google News search to see just how far the David Jones runway story and photos travelled.

Not far at all, it seems, beyond the Australian media.

Kerr is an international celebrity, who is married to a Hollywood player and she is a person of considerable interest to pretty much every major entertainment media outlet in the world. She is stalked by paparazzi wherever she goes.

Leaving aside the ongoing mentions of her name in the global media, Kerr also has a personal social media audience of at least 5.3million: 2 million Twitter followers, 2 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million Facebook fans. That’s not counting visitors to her Kora Organics blog.

Gomes is a beautiful girl, looks fabulous in a swimsuit – and she certainly rocked a few of those on Wednesday night – and she’s a professional, who did a great job. At the end of the day, however, she is no household name. That appears to be reflected in her social media network numbers: 163,000 followers/fans.

Although versions of the DJs/Kerr split story differ, it seems that David Jones was unimpressed with efforts by Kerr’s management to re-negotiate her original A$1million five-year deal, when the contract was approaching renewal earlier this year.

David Jones sources have reportedly inferred that the company parted ways with Kerr not because she had become too expensive  but due to a combination of factors, including the claims that she wanted to do less work for more money, dictate the campaign shoot locations and that Australian women don’t “relate” to her anymore because of her jet setting celebrity lifestyle.

Tell that to the celebrity magazines and websites whose businesses hinge on the lifestyles of the rich and famous – and the public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for details of same.

None, it seems, from Perez Hilton to Just Jared to Britain’s Daily Mail, covered Wednesday night’s show, making it that much less of an international event for the first time in five years – and that much more of a local department store show.

Below is a short backstage gallery shot by Frockwriter. Apologies for the brevity and quality. Our camera battery died early on in the show and we did not get to take as many shots as usual.

Meanwhile, here’s how the social media network numbers stack up for some of DJs’ key players, including cast members of the SS1314 show:


David Jones

14,393 Twitter followers. 35,156 Instagram followers. 237,832 Facebook fans


Jessica Gomes

50,000 Twitter followers. 59,000 Instagram followers. 54,000 Facebook fans


Jason Dundas

22,427 Twitter followers. 32,265 Instagram followers. 11,711 Facebook fans


Samantha Harris

2,597 Twitter followers. 38,000 Instagram followers. 4,853 Facebook fans


Montana Cox

6,679 Twitter followers. 37,000 Instagram followers


Jordan & Zac Stenmark

3,361 Twitter followers. 14,533 Instagram followers. 6,052 Facebook fans.


Maddison Brown

223 Twitter followers. 9,113 Instagram followers


Louise van de Vorst

4,102 Instagram followers


Holly Rose Emery

2,870 Instagram followers