Showcards: Red 11 Models (women) – NZFW Autumn/Winter 2014

Helena Mitchell's It Factor



New Zealand Fashion Week is a fortnight away.

Next up in Frockwriter’s NZ model agency showcards series for this year’s event: the women of Auckland’s Red 11 Models.

This is the same agency that springboarded Holly Rose Emery this time last year. Emery has gone from the runways of NZ to Sydney and also Paris and the pages of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar Australia.

Emery is heading to New York Fashion Week, which kicks off at the same time as NZFW.

As a gesture of solidarity for the agency and its models, however, Emery and another far better internationally-established Red 11 model, Anmari Botha, both turned up at the day-long NZFW casting on Saturday at sponsor BMW’s Mt Wellington headquarters.


Red 11 has a swag of newcomers this season.

Nearly half of its women’s show pack (below) are newbies:

  • Alena Winter, 16, Auckland
  • Ashleigh Rose Gerlach, 18, Auckland
  • Amber McDonald, 20, Christchurch (Maori)
  • Chloe can Diepenbrugge, 18, Auckland
  • Chrissy Hart Wheeler, 18, Auckland
  • Erin Carter, 15, Tauranga
  • Evelyn Rose, 16, Whangapora, Auckland
  • Helena Mitchell, 16, Auckland
  • Helena Turner, 17, Auckland
  • Jessica Thompson, 17, Wiauku, Auckland
  • Kathryn Huang, 15, Tauranga
  • Madison Hart Wheeler, 18, Auckland
  • Maxine Anderson, 18, Auckland (via South Africa)
  • Renee Sundgren, 16, Auckland
  • Sophie Nathan, 16, Auckland

Top of the pack is 16 year-old Helena Mitchell (above), who the agency is touting as New Zealand’s answer to Julia Nobis.

Mitchell arrived at the agency in late 2012 and has shot twice already with Black Magazine, a Sylvester by Kate Stlvester lookbook and walked in a Stolen Girlfriends Club show in Auckland in May.

Multitalented Mitchell is also enrolled in Red 11’s acting program and is adept at sign language, as became apparent during her first visit to the agency, when she was accompanied by her mum.

Both Mitchell’s parents are deaf and she was obliged to translate the agency’s terms to her mother in sign language.