As the blogosphere evolved and micropublishers explored monetisation, a tiny handful of blogs ventured down the paid subscription route.

British football blog The Tomkins Times and US new age site Elephant Journal were among the very first.

In February 2012 Frockwriter became the first fashion blog to join them.

Frockwriter was the first blog to partner with content monetisation specialist Piano Media and Press+, which works with over 400 media affiliates. Here are a couple of stories that were written on our metered paywall launch in 2012.

In twelve months, we garnered a subscriber list of some heavy-hitters in the Australasian – and indeed international – fashion/media business. From managing directors to model agents, luxury brand public relations agents, fashion agents, newspaper/magazine/digital editors and producers, media trainers, financial brokers, photographers, designers, literary agents, models and bloggers.

The paywall was removed in mid 2013, following an invitation to join FELLT, the Australian fashion blog network, but I kept up subscriber exclusive content via newsletter.

FELLT has since been dismantled and am I not currently posting to the blog on a daily basis, as Frockwriter’s many fans will have noticed. Bar my independent coverage of Australian and New Zealand fashion weeks and other significant local events such as the Melbourne Fashion Festival, Adelaide Fashion Festivali-D Dunedin Fashion Week etc when I may post multiple times daily.

Everyone has to make a living and that’s what I’ve been focussing on in the interim.

I still believe in independent fashion journalism and when I finally work out a sustainable business model, I hope to get back to regular blogging at some stage in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, you can find my ongoing fashion business coverage on WWD and on ABC News 24’s Weekend Breakfast show each month – usually the third Sunday of the month at 7.35am Australian east coast time (check Twitter and Facebook for updates). Here are a few Weekend Breakfast fashion segments via my YouTube.

And you can find my thoughts, musings and links to other great content on Twitter, Instagram and my personal Facebook and Frockwriter’s Facebook page.