Now we are five – and on FELLT

And so to a new chapter for Frockwriter – our first post on the Fellt publishing platform. Hello and welcome to regular readers who have been following the blog for the past five years and to all the new faces.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a Sydney-based fashion journalist who ventured into blogging seven years ago, God help me.

Click here for a quick backgrounder.

Since Frockwriter first went live on July 4 2008, it has been a crazy ride. We’ve had incredible (and occasionally hysterical) feedback from not only readers, but the Australian and international media, with many of the blog’s stories travelling far and wide.

We launched on American Independence Day, which was somewhat fitting, as I had spent the previous two years blogging sporadically for Australian mainstream media outlets.

As every independent blogger knows only too well, however, launching your own blog is a bit like creating a monster baby that demands constant feeding.

Having a dud on your hands is not your biggest problem. That would be easy to walk away from.

Establishing a point-of-difference, finding an audience and achieving some level of success – that’s the problem. Because how do you sustain it? I can think of two top Australian bloggers with killer content who had no other choice than to walk away and focus on making a living.

Sooner or later blogs have to pay for themselves.

Since I’m a professional journalist by trade, however, most of the monetisation strategies adopted by arguably the majority of fashion bloggers, are just not open to me.

I tried advertising as part of a network – at arm’s length as it were.

I also tried the paid subscription route.

On Frockwriter’s fourth birthday last year, I detailed some of the challenges of the latter route.

But the subscription experiment did prove that there are most definitely people who are prepared to pay for quality content and I have had some incredible feedback. Had I been in a position to keep pumping out the content more frequently, moreover, subscriptions would have grown at a much faster rate.

We now have over one hundred paid subscribers – a tight-knit group that includes many heavy hitters within the fashion industry.

Thanks once again to all of my subscribers for their unflagging support. You guys absolutely rock.

I know you love the content on Frockwriter. And I’d love to be able to provide more of it. Hence the latest move. Many thanks to Sydney Stockholm for this opportunity.

A couple of key points regarding the changes and what they mean to Frockwriter’s readers – and notably, subscribers.

Yes there is a new look – a much-needed update. Sooner or later this new look will include Fellt’s large, standard banner ad across the top of the page.

And no, there is no metered paywall on this site.

That’s not the end of the subscription model, however.

While there will be much more content on Frockwriter than there has been for quite some time, the premium content will be exclusively available to Frockwriter’s paid subscribers.

Click here to read more about the premium offer.

By premium content I mean more intensively-researched material than appears in shoot-from-the-hip blog posts that are easy to pull together; in-depth interviews; and some series that I have in the pipeline.

So that’s it folks.

Thanks again for your company.

In an accompanying welcome video when Frockwriter’s previous incarnation launched in August 2007 – the Fully Chic blog over at – I invited you to join me on a journey into the heart of the fashion jungle.

“This journey’s not over yet” I noted when signing off from Fully Chic on July 4 2008.

Today we join Fellt.

Buckle up.