New faces: Zana Dandy

Comme des garçonnes

Zana Dandy has a certain ring to it, n’est-ce pas?

It’s the nom de model, as it were, that intriguing new face Georgia Chippendale has decided to use professionally moving forward.

Signed by Sydney’s eMg Models a month ago, part of the agency’s exciting new roster of female talent that includes Charlee Fraser, Marnie Harris, Skye Mitchell Innes and Brigitte Murphy, the 20 year-old Sydneysider was scouted originally by photographer Jody Pachniuk.

Dandy might be on the petite side – she’s 5’6” – but clearly, boasts quite some charisma.

Currently working as a barista, this arty gamine is also a musician (who has been writing music with a mate, Zoe Carroll), writer, poet and avid collector, of, among other things, finger puppets, cool bottle lids and coloured doilies, that she apparently makes into dresses.

And she didn’t just pull the name Zana Dandy out of thin air.

It means “child of the silkworm” in the Madagascan Malagasy language and it’s what her hippy parents initially called her for over a week before eventually settling on the slightly more conventional Georgia.

In a note to her agent Simone Hellicar, she notes:

“I love the honesty in the world that surrounds me; I love bare feet, messy hair, unmade beds and watching the sunrise with friends. To me life is one big poem and I live the poetry that I cannot put into words. I am a vegetarian and I am extremely passionate about environmental issues. I am complex and uncontainable, yet simple and refreshingly real. I am Zana Dandy and I want my life to be beautifully messy, artistically elegant, and vibrant like the chalk drawings I leave behind on pavements”.



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