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From startups to seminars to million dollar bloggers…. a roundup of three weeks on FELLT Industry

Hey there.

In case you missed the announcement earlier this month, I have just commenced writing for a new blog called FELLT Industry that is published on Sydney Stockholm’s FELLT platform (which hosts Frockwriter, my personal blog, for anyone who is not already aware of this).

With the end of the first month upon us and in light of some questions and comments that have been thrown my way, I just wanted to clarify a couple of points and also recap the past three weeks of FELLT Industry content.

FELLT Industry is a new blog dedicated to fashion business news, with a specific focus on digital. I won’t be the only person contributing to it, but I have been retained to anchor the coverage.

It’s a job, in other words.

FELLT Industry isn’t the end of Frockwriter, but Frockwriter has been put momentarily on the backburner as I adjust to the new daily filing rhythm – in addition to my other writing commitments.

Interested to hear your thoughts. Specifically, whether FELLT Industry is of interest to the regular readers of this blog and if so, what you might like to see more/less of in the coverage.

We didn’t go live until June 11, so it’s just three weeks in. There has been a mix of reactions.

Some just seem happy that I am posting – anything – on a more regular basis.

Some are happy that there’s an increased focus on tech – and an opportunity for more coverage of women in this sector.

Some say they’re thrilled that there’s more business writing and less “model shit” (a typical comment from men in fact).

And some have expressed confusion about what exactly is going on and noted that the tech stuff is a little over their heads.

It is obviously early days. However given the shares on some of the posts – particularly to do with startups and bloggers – the content is already resonating.

Just on tech startups, who’d have thought there would be so much entrepreneurial activity in the modelling sector from Australia and New Zealand?

So far FELLT Industry has covered two startups that are focussed on modelling. Tori Bowman’s five month old Snaptch app and the brand new Snaptch Designer app aim to shake up the creative portfolio business. While Ryan Marshall’s cloud-based Syngency platform hopes to disrupt the model agency management system business, which is currently dominated by desktop-based proprietary products.

Another new local app, Scrunch, wants to help brands and PRs measure social media ROI. While Myagi aims to help retailers improve customer service by turning their managers and staff into vloggers.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s new Firefly app for the just-unveiled Fire Phone promises to dramatically up the comparison shopping game by placing 70million+ products at users’ fingertips.

FELLT Industry has also covered 3D printing via this story on a new orthopedic back brace that looks like it’s just come off Alexander McQueen’s runway.

And we ran rolling coverage of developments in the ASOS warehouse fire story, which took the e-tail giant off the air for three days and destroyed £22million worth of stock.

We also published a handy calendar of upcoming Australian and international fashion/tech/marketing conferences where you can network with the best in the business and bring yourself up to speed on news and developments in these sectors. A couple of particularly interesting forums – Hackers On The Runway in Paris and the ADMA Global Forum in Sydney – merited their own standalone posts.

There was also a standalone profile on The Fashion Spot, the web’s largest community of fashion influencers, which is expanding operations down under. This included an interview with TFS managing editor Jennifer Davidson.

With the upwardly-mobile incomes of fashion bloggers very much in the news this month, we also covered the million dollar blogger(s) you’ve never heard of, YouTube’s highest-earning fashion and beauty vloggers and broke the news that Australia’s most bankable personal style blogger, Jessica ‘Tuula’ Stein, has just split with her talent management agency to go it solo. Again.

Coming up this week is the launch of a couple of new FELLT Industry series, including Digital Strategy, which looks at the digital strategies of major fashion brands, retailers etc…

First cab off the Digital Strategy rank tomorrow morning will be an international luxury name.

Hope to see you there.