Calling all illos: Pebbles Hooper

Pop culture princess. Fashion royalty. Who knew Pebbles Hooper is also a crack illustrator?

Pebbles Hooper is something of an icon in her home town of Auckland.

The 23 year-old daughter of Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper, the duo behind Kiwi fashion brand World, she is a freelance stylist and budding media personality who, for two years, also ran a cool little Auckland stationary boutique called Pencil.

Hooper junior has been immersed in the fashion business since she was a babe in swaddling and since 2005, has shared an agony aunt column with her mother called ‘Dear D&P’ in The New Zealand Herald’s Saturday Canvas magazine liftout.

She has also had a rather serious and public battle with Type 1 diabetes.

Her health back on track and with Pencil shutting up shop six months ago, Hooper has focussed her attention back on styling projects and media gigs, which include styling an upcoming video clip for Auckland-based DJ outfit Jetski Safari; a weekly chat show on TVNZ’s U youth channel about conspiracy theories and doing a TVNZ pilot for a new comedy series.

In recent months, Hooper has discovered another hidden talent – cartoonist and social satirist.

One of several bloggers to have been gifted a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ‘phablet‘ in order to cover last September’s New Zealand Fashion Week, Hooper has been experimenting with its S Pen and S-Note app in the interim.

A Tumblr full of hilarious celebrity cartoons ensued. And she has already started selling them.

Hooper assures Frockwriter that she is not an official Samsung ambassador and that, beyond the product gifted last year and a recent S4 phone, she is not being paid to spruik the company’s wares. Unlike several other international artists who do appear to have been tapped by the brand to promote the creative potential of this technology. Three cases in point Tristan Eaton, Andrew Park and Gérémy Arène.

Rest assured, moreover, there is no hidden commercial connection between Frockwriter and Samsung either.

After posting the first ‘Calling all illos’ story earlier this week, starring Melbourne’s Leo Greenfield, we have been inundated with interest from both illustrators and those recommending new ones to check out.

Hooper was one of them. OK it was her dad who recommended her (and he’s a mate). But we think her work is ace.

Here’s a sample.

Top to bottom: Amanda Bynes; Bryanboy; Marie-Kate and Ashley Olsen; JonBenet Ramsey; QEII; Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee; Suri Cruise; Kimye; Iggy Azalea; Untitled; Cara Delevigne; Cindy Crawford; Lady Gaga; Hulk Hogan; Lindsay Lohan.


All illustrations reproduced with permission from Pebbles Hooper. 




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