Andreja Pejic documented her sex reassignment surgery, has signed a book contract

Nine months ago fashion's favourite cross-dresser underwent sex reassignment surgery. Now she is charting that journey via a documentary and memoir

Andreja Pejic is pretty good at keeping secrets.

She walked in the DKNY Fall/Winter 2014/2015 runway show in New York in February, without anybody beyond a select few – not even her own mother – aware that she had undergone sex reassignment surgery in Arizona a matter of weeks beforehand.

The SRS bombshell was finally let out of the bag in July via a series of exclusive interviews with the US press. As has become customary for most news regarding Pejic’s career movements since she first emerged on the international modelling scene in June 2010, the news travelled around the world.

And now yet more revelations.

In an exclusive interview with The New York Times’ September 7 edition, ‘A Model’s Life, Chapter 2: Will the Fashion World Accept Andreja Pejic As a Woman?’the online version of which went live an hour ago – the 23 year-old reveals she has signed a book contract for her memoirs with Penguin Books Australia and is in production for a feature-length documentary called Andrej(a) which was simultaneously announced on Kickstarter.

According to the Kickstarter intro, the film, shot by long-time collaborator Eric Miclette, who has been filming Pejic for the past two years, includes footage from her life-changing surgery in January.

Pejic and co are seeking US$200,000 in funding to cover the final six months of production.

Notes Pejic on the Kickstarter backgrounder:

“Eric had filmed me several times before for fashion gigs and other small pieces. If I was going to allow any camera to follow me through the most challenging period of my life, it was his. That is how this documentary was born, and since then it has become one my life’s missions. I ask you, fellow Kickstarters, to join and help me complete the film. I hope that by sharing my humanity, pain, tears, laughter, joy, and biggest struggles on film, it will shed light on what it means to live as a transgender individual”.

More from Kickstarter on how the funds will be used:

“The average budget for a festival bound documentary hovers around $450,000. With your help and funding we can cover the cost of many different aspects of the film; the licensing of photographs, music, travel for the crew to follow Andreja around the world as she works and visits her homelands, post production, production personnel, legal fees, graphics, insurance, and gear.

“Through Andreja’s life story, Andrej(a) will explore gender politics in-depth around the globe, and the beauty industry and its attitude towards diversity, will be a focal point. From a refugee camp in the Balkans to the world’s biggest runways, from boyhood to androgyny to womanhood, from hiding to the highest level of self-acceptance this documentary captures an individual whose biggest dream is to live an authentic, happy and normal life. To be accepted and respected as the person she has always known herself to be. It is a public struggle by a brave person for the most basic of human needs”.