New faces: Bree Goddard

Tall order

Lots of teenagers have part-time jobs in between their secondary studies.

Some - not just models - interrupt the latter to pursue full-time jobs.

We’ve asked the question before – what does an attractive, nigh-on six foot teen do when contemplating how to make some pocket money? Frequently bullied at school for being the tall, skinny, weird girl and even an "anorexic", some consider entering an industry in which having super long legs and a pretty and/or interesting face is the "norm".

We have no idea whether or not Bree Goddard, who hails from the NSW Central Coast, has been bullied at school. What we do know is that she turned 15 a few weeks ago and, like new 15 year-old New Zealand face Juliette Perkins, is almost six foot tall (182cm).

While Perkins was scouted, Goddard sent some photos in to Sydney's Chadwick Models, which signed her immediately and is now her mother agency.

Chadwick international talent manager Joseph Tenni has high hopes for Goddard, even though at 15 she is too young for the 2014 edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, which has an age minimum of 16.

“We all were really excited by her because she possesses that all-Australian beauty – she’s outdoorsy, approachable, but still exceptionally beautiful” Tenni told Frockwriter. “She’s a little bit Claudia Schiffer as well”.

Herewith a first look at Goddard’s first test shoot – at which her mother was present, reports Tenni.