Alexandra Owen's bridled passion

In town for Air New Zealand Fashion Week, as anyone following me on Twitter will already be aware. Frockwriter is here this year as a guest of the organisers, so let’s just get that out of the way upfront. And while in every other year this journalist has covered all her own expenses to/from the event, this year it was a question of being their guest or not covering the event at all. First up, Alexandra Owen. We met this rising star last year. This season, Owen's silhouettes were far less sculpted. Inspired by English aristocrats, the mood was one of tailored sobriety in fact. But the restraint ended with the redingotes, trench coats and smart pinstriped trousers. The styling included horse bridles as breastplates and taped legs and shoes - which proved the devil of a job to remove later. As Owen mentions in this quick live video chat recorded after the show, come February, expect to see her at New York Fashion Week.