Jethro Cave's Gumby earring is apparently bigger than Costume National


First spotted dangling off the ear of Australia's next top male model Jethro Cave during a photoshoot for the top model industry blog Confessions of a Casting Director a fortnight ago, Cave's Gumby earring must have appealed to the stylists over at Italian brand Costume National. Because there it was, still on Cave as he walked the show overnight in Milan. Cave is second out in this video below. That said, it's hard to imagine a huge gob of Kelly green rubber being easily adapted to the vision of most luxury brands, so one wonders if there's a chance that Cave simply refused to cooperate? It's not like it went with anything else in the collection. As was observed by the good folk over at The New York Times, who seemed quite perplexed when they noted on Twitter: "An inexplicable Gumby earring hanging off the ear of a model at Costume National". Cave is of course the son of rock legend Nick Cave and has of late become well-connected in the fashion biz. So perhaps noone tells him to lose the Gumby.