Creative Sydney: Advance Australia flair

candy bowers/flickr

Over the past fortnight I’ve been called a Fun, Fearless Female (thanks Cosmo), a Creative Catalyst (thanks Creative Sydney) and a c***face (thanks Tallulah Morton – who has since self-censored her MySpace page). And although I am still scratching my head over my inclusion on the inaugural Creative Catalysts list, I feel very honoured to have been ranked amongst such a creative coterie. I must admit, I did chuckle when I read that I had been accorded a nod for services including “...testing the limits of the online medium” – and consider it a vote of confidence in all the RAFW Twitter artists, and of course, the Bluralism movement. Last night, I had the great pleasure of taking part in a Creative Sydney panel event called Reaching the World, which included the following speakers.

Hip hop artists Candy Bowers and Morgan Lewis, textile designer Liz Casella from Karolina York, sustainable furniture designer Michael Alvisse from Schamburg + Alvisse and Kate Bezar, the founder and editor of the Dumbo feather, pass it on magazine.

For anyone unfamiliar with the latter title, the name refers to to the Walt Disney character Dumbo the circus elephant, who believed he needed a magic feather to fly.

Four times a year, Bezar publishes five 4,500-word interviews with people who have pursued their creative passions and dreams.

My favourite line of the evening came from Bowers, the first speaker, who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but claims to have been told by one Australian television executive:

“Australian television isn’t ready for you yet”.

Having worked in Australian commercial television, I don’t doubt her for a moment.

Presumably what needs to happen for Bowers to get a mainstream media guernsey here is to first be discovered by an international network - and then return a star.

It's wonderful to see creativity being celebrated in Australia for once – and not just sport. I could have listened to the speakers for the entire evening and would highly recommend others make an effort to attend the remaining events.

Well done to organiser/panel moderator Jess Scully and the Creative Sydney team – not to mention the NSW government, which has funded the initiative.

It would be great to see an ongoing program like this roll out around Australia.

As noted by Scully in her signoff last night, let’s keep this conversation going people.